Energy healing, what the…???

An interesting question because if you were to ask people that practice it, everyone would probably give a different answer. There is no right or wrong answer as everyone practices differently and may come from a different point of view depending on their own life experiences.

Energy healing is an umbrella term for therapies like Reiki, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Acupuncture and Kinesiology amongst others.

The way I look at energy healing is trying to clear out the old, releasing what does not serve your highest and best.


Well let me explain. We all carry baggage/emotions that we prefer not to surface in everyday life. Perhaps childhood trauma’s, relationship problems, money worries, family issues, work problems, household stress, children worries, illnesses, mental stress, false belief systems - I think you get the idea. These problems/baggage/blocks/emotions can take their toll on your energy, which means if these problems are not dealt with they can start to affect your health emotionally and physically, as they can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies.

Note: When I am writing about your energy and where the cause of the concern can be located, I am referring to the subtle energy systems, such as meridians, auric bodies and chakras.

How can energy healing help?

I saw this analogy by crystal guru Brian Parsons a while back and thought it would be really helpful. Visualise a glass tumbler filled with water, dirt and sand, this represent us. Think of the dirt and sand as the baggage we carry. Lets take money issues as an example. You may feel stressed that there are bills mounting up and you may find it difficult to pay them. The reason for the stress may not always be because you don’t have enough money, but because of the beliefs you have about money and paying bills. You may see bills as the enemy and get stressed when you have to pay them. As time goes on you may find that you develop physical symptoms like lower back pain.

The main issue is when the emotions you are trying to suppress get stirred up and the glass gets murky. Most people don't really want to deal with these emotions and wait for the sand and dirt to settle to the bottom again. The murky water may take awhile to settle, but before it can the emotions you are trying to ignore get stirred up again.

Therefore, you may get to that point where you are sick of being sick or just so overwhelmed with life?

Energy healing can help to bring in a source of clear energy and we will represent this as fresh water. Imagine an unlimited flow of fresh water (energy) pouring into your glass; this helps to flush out some of the debris so your glass starts to look clearer. This time when a stress causes the water in your glass to swirl there is less debris to make such an impact on your overall wellbeing and you can begin to restore your balance.

If you are having trouble picturing this then please watch this video.

I hope this has helped to clarify energy healing. Reiki and Crystal Healing have been amazing for me, as they have helped to make lots of changes so I can move forward with my life. I have a better understanding about my past baggage and how to deal with it when it decides to make an appearance and also to recognise it early and before my health and wellbeing takes a hit.

Are you willing to give it a try? If so, get in touch!

Sarah xx