New beginnings

Before I had my daughter and went on maternity leave I was a full-time dietitian. Science and the human body is something I have always loved leaning about and how the body works. Even though science is important to me, my spirituality lights me up. When I was younger I could see and sense things most people won’t notice - my dad use to say that I was just super sensitive. Sadly my dad passed away when I was 12 and what I use to sense also went away. I guess the grief I felt dimmed my inner light and I lost some childhood innocence.

Step forward into my late twenties and my spirituality started to spark up again and I wanted to engage with it. What do I mean by spirituality? Not necessarily just God and Angels, but being open to learning about the law of attraction, taking responsibility for what goes on in my life, positive thinking, mindfulness and the energy that surrounds us all.

I started looking at life in a different way and what was important to me started to change. I wanted to create more balance in my life and try and work out why some things happen when there is no “normal” explanation. This was all exciting and challenging, as it was not always easy to change, but easy to go back to old habits.

My world did completely change when I had my little girl. I found myself so unbalanced, anxious and overwhelmed. Friends would say that is normal, having your first baby is unsettling and it gets easier. These explanations did not help and it didn’t seem to be the answer. It was like my little girl opened Pandora’s box for me and all the deep fears and unhealed grief that was inside me came out. I couldn’t understand why this was happening.

More than three years down the line, I have a bit more of an idea. We are all on a different journey and the universe was saying it was time to heal on a spiritual level. The first biggest challenge was healing from the grief of my childhood.

Doing my first Reiki attunement was incredible and the start of my healing process. I loved learning about our Chakra systems and their pivotal role on our health and wellbeing. Naturally I found myself also using crystals, becoming a crystal healer was the next stage in my spiritual development. From the moment I said that I was ready to take on my new focus of energy healing my spiritual development has completely changed my life.

My life isn’t perfect, I still get sick, I worry about what people think of me and my new direction in life and my husband would definitely say that I get grumpy, but life itself is just better, more joyful and stronger. I feel like I am truly involved with how my life is turning out and working through the challenges that appear and working out why from an energetic point of view how to move through them.

This is my first attempt at writing my blog and like everything else that has happened in the last three years I am learning as I go, but what I do want to do is share the knowledge I have gained and maybe whoever is reading this and my future blogs may learn something new and make your life journey a bit easier. Watch this space…

Sarah xx