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Usui Reiki

The essence of Reiki can be described as:

REI — Spirit, Power, Essence
KI — Life Force, Breath, Chi

Spiritually guided life force energy.


What does this all mean?

This unseen life force energy flows around and through us all. Your energy communicates with you all the time. You may have been in a situation and your gut was telling you something's wrong or you meet someone new and straight away you feel a connection. Your energy gives you cues all day long, but a lot of the time we don't pay attention. Becoming aware of your energy is important, if your life force energy is low then you may become unwell, feel tired or less able to cope with stress, but if it is high, we become more capable of being happy and healthy.


This article beautifully describes our life force energy;

"A healthy human body is like a free-flowing river. When a river is flowing there are fish and wildlife. When it starts to stagnate and become blocked, fish decline because there is not enough oxygen and the plant life takes over because there is no balance. Things are out of balance when the flow is affected and that's the same in the body."

- Reiki Master K. Eckman


How it works

Reiki works by restoring balance to you physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can help with:

  • Relaxation, helping the body to release stress and tension

  • Releasing energy blocks, helping you to become more receptive to healing and moving forward

  • Increasing energy levels

  • Accelerating the body's self healing ability

  • Help with pain relief

  • Aiding better sleep

  • Complimenting medical treatment

  • Assisting spiritual growth

I love the Reiki principals, they serve as a reminder to just focus on today.

Reiki Principals:

  • Just for today: Do not be angry.

  • Just for today: Do not be worried.

  • Just for today: Be grateful.

  • Just for today: Work hard on improving yourself.

  • Just for today: Be kind to others.

- Dr. Mikao Usui



1 Hour - £35

30 mins - £25


Please cancel any appointments within 24 hours to avoid incurring a cancellation charge.