Energy Protection


I am a very empathic person, which means I am very sensitive and can feel others energy/emotions/pain and take them on as my own. There are ways to help protect your energy so you don't get bogged down with everyone else's energy. So one way to look at it, what is mine is mine and what is yours is yours!!

An example of this: you may have a friend or family member that has a habit of talking about their life dramas. They go away and you are left feeling drained and exhausted like they have "sucked you dry". You feel depleted and stressed. You may work in an environment that is very busy and stressful. When your working day is over you may also feel emotionally and physically depleted. Or perhaps the news on TV or online may also leave you feeling emotionally challenged.

There are three rituals that I do everyday that have helped me to protect my energy.

1) Crystals 

Black Tourmaline - I personally wear this crystal as a pendent everyday. A beautiful protective stone, I like to think of this crystal as a mini vacuum cleaner, it helps to suck up unwanted negative energy around me. It is also a wonderful grounding crystal that helps to connect you to the healing energy of Mother Earth. This crystal also helps to protect us from electromagnetic radiation from all our electronics.


Smokey Quartz - is also a protective crystal from negative energies in your environment. It can absorb this negative energy by grounding it into Earth. Smokey Quartz helps connect your physical body to the Earth energy, which helps you to ground your energy and help to re-establish a healthy energetic flow of energy in the body.

2) Angelic protection

Angels are non denominational, so you don't need to be religious or believe in God to ask for angelic help. I call upon Archangel Michael every morning. Archangel Michael is actually the patron saint for the New York City Police, which is amazing. I ask him to surround me and my family in his beautiful white light from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet all day and all night. I was going to write like a big bubble of light, but I don't resonate with picturing myself in a bubble, but please do if this is something you prefer to visualise. I personally think about the white light filling me and completely surrounding me.  Archangel Michael is a great warrior who protects us with his sword of light and shield of strength. I personally associate Archangel Michael with white light but he is also associated with deep purple or cobalt blue light. 


3) Grounded

When you are not grounded you are like a leaf in the wind. You are more susceptible to becoming unbalanced and you tend to live more in your head. I give thanks to Mother Earth to help ground my grounding cords deep into the centre of the earth and picture massive tree trunks coming out of the bottom of my feet and burying deep into the centre of the Earth. I do this sometimes more than once per day, particularly if I am going to be spending my day surrounded by lots of people or when the day is going to be busy and I need to be less in my head and more centred in my heart. As written about Smokey Quartz is wonderfully grounding.

Bonus Tip - Gratitude

I give gratitude everyday to the blessings in my life no matter how big or small. This helps to raise my vibrations so lower energy from other people do not get attached to me. We are all made of energy, raising your vibrations with gratitude takes you above the lower energies, like the saying goes, "rise above it".

Everyones's energy is different, which makes us unique. If you are empathic, sensitive, depleted or stressed out have a think about why you maybe feeling like this and perhaps protecting your energy maybe a game changer for your life.

Sarah xx