Crystal Cleansing

Crystals can physically and energetically need cleansing. It is important to keep your crystals cleansed from dust build up. If your crystals get too dusty this will block their light and they may not work as effectively.

Energetically crystals will naturally connect to energy from their environment, from you or other people who have had the crystal in their presence. Cleansing crystals can help to remove this surplus of energy that is no longer required.

There are numerous ways to cleanse crystals and below are some common methods:


Under running water – Hold your crystals in the palms of your hands or place in a clean colander for a few minutes. Note: some crystals do not like to be cleansed by water, please use an alternative method.

Smudging – You can use smudge sticks (bundle of herbs), Palo Santo wood or copal/frankincense resin. Once lit and the smoke is released allow the smoke to waft over your crystals.

Sunlight and Moonlight – Sunlight and the energies of the full or new moon are amplified and can help to cleanse your crystals. Note: please be careful when placing crystals in direct sunlight as their colour can be affected and could be a fire hazard.

Sound – Tinshaw bells, crystal sound bowls, chanting or drumming can all help to remove unwanted energy from your crystals.

Earth – Returning your crystals to the Earth is so nurturing for your crystals. Each crystal may wish to connect with Mother Nature for different lengths of time but generally between one to two weeks may be enough.

Reiki – If you are Reiki attuned this is a beautiful way to cleanse your crystals.

Aura sprays – Can be sprayed directly over your crystals (be careful of the ones that don’t like water)

Crystal clusters/Geodes – Placing your crystals on an amethyst/quartz cluster or inside a geode for a few days is a gentle way of cleansing your crystals and helps them tohave a little ‘holiday’, particularly if you use some of your crystals regularly.

Setting intentions with your crystals

Your thoughts and feelings create vibrations throughout the universe, which makes setting intentions a powerful tool for creating well being.

Your thoughts and feelings create vibrations throughout the universe, which makes setting intentions a powerful tool for creating well being.

  1. First, cleanse your crystal.

  2. When you want to set intentions it is helpful to raise your vibrational energy, think about something that truly makes you smile.

  3. Hold the crystal in your hands and bring it to your heart space, this starts to create an energetic connection.

  4. While in this space of love and light, ask your crystal be cleared of all previous intentions.

  5. Now you are ready to create a clear intention with your crystal. For example if I was doing this with rose quartz an intention I may use, help me to accept love within and around me.

  6. Focus on your intention and allow this process to build a bond between you and your crystal.

  7. Give gratitude to your crystal and keep it close to you so your intentions can manifest.