Hi! I'm Sarah. A Holistic Therapist based in Leigh-on-Sea


My holistic journey really took off after I gave birth to my baby girl three years ago. She was a miracle, but what lay ahead of me was a bit of a surprise. Becoming a new mum is a challenge with all the sleepless nights and worry, but I felt something was not right between my daughter and I. I was not developing a bond with her and day-by-day I was feeling out of balance within myself.

Our baby massage therapist who also practiced Reiki suggested I give Reiki a go. POWERFUL... is how I would describe my first Reiki experience. I felt this energy go through me and I felt so safe and relaxed that it became easier to let go and connect to my inner wisdom. It was the start of me wanting to release old thought patterns, beliefs and start to harmonise within. I found myself bonding with my baby and I was starting to discover a newfound balance within.

I fell in love with Reiki healing and I decided to qualify as a Reiki practitioner. I am grateful each day to be able to practice this form of energy healing for family, clients and myself.

I also have a love affair with crystals. They are so beautiful and shiny. A crystal store had opened close to where I live and I fell in love with the owners and the store. Oh dear I wanted to buy everything (seriously buying crystals can be addictive). I love learning about how crystals can help to balance and create change within. It seemed logical for me to incorporate this into my healing practice.

When I think back to my life before I was introduced to Reiki and crystal healing, I believed that if I worked harder and stayed in control, I could achieve more, but in reality my well being was being compromised from the hectic pace. This just lead me to feel more exhausted, rundown and in a rut. I really wasn't living or focusing on the ‘now’, I was just trying to survive and I was the complete opposite of balanced.

The truth is, you are not going to be balanced all the time and that's ok. When your internal pendulum is swinging to extremes this can lead to your body trying to get your attention in the form of being unwell emotionally or physically.


Reiki and crystal healing have enhanced my life. I feel so grounded and in tune with my energy. These positive changes to my mind, body and spirit are what I would love to teach and pass onto you.

This life is not a dress rehearsal. You have what it takes to create an amazing life and are deserving of a harmonised mind, body and spirit. Why not make an appointment as I would love to help you on your journey.

Blessings to you xx.


Header image by Photography by Petra