Hi! I'm Sarah. A Holistic Therapist based in Leigh-on-Sea


I have always been “intuitive” and empathic. Being so energetically sensitive and aware at a young age was very challenging and definitely not something I wanted to embrace. I didn’t understand what I was seeing and feeling so I made a conscious decision to push it away and disconnect myself to this part of my life.

Fast forward many years later now I am an adult and this spiritual side of me started to re-emerge. I was still not so convinced that I wanted to tap into this side of me again, but this time it was harder to shut off so I went with it and decided to learn more about our energy systems and how our physical, mental and spiritual health can be effected when we are out of balance.

After I had my daughter (who is seriously my greatest teacher) my life changed completely. I was spiritually lead to learn Reiki, Crystal Healing and to step out of my spiritual closet to read Angel Oracle Cards. All of this lead to me start Guided Harmony. I am still on a learning journey to bring more healing modalities to help my clients.

Affirmation: I have the power to change my reality

My angels lead me to Robert Holden’s book “Happiness Now” and I just love this message: “True Healer’s take into account any type of darkness, but their real task is to see the light in their clients so as to help them remember and consciously connect to their own inner light”

You have what it takes to create a life you truly desire and you are deserving of a harmonised mind, body and spirit.

Why not make an appointment as I would love to help you on your journey.

Blessings to you xx


Header image by Photography by Petra